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SUP Demo Center

Test ride and figure out which SUP is right for you!

The Washington DC Area's ONLY Inflatable Paddleboard Demo Center

Looking for the best inflatable paddle board SUP? Nervous about buying a board online that you have never paddled?
We have a fleet featuring sizes that you can test ride and figure out the best one for you!  Best of all, we have special deals direct with manufacturer on new, used, and demo boards! We can find you a board for your type of paddling at the right price or advice you on your purchase! Our location in Reston, Virginia is conveniently located in Northern Virginia and accessible to DC and Maryland Suburbs!

Our Partners

How does the SUP demo center work?

We make it easy for you to try an inflatable SUP before you buy one!

  1. Sign up for a session using our easy-to-use online scheduling system
    1. If you buy of board from us or our partners we will refund 100% of the cost of your session! If you don’t want to sign up for a session we can schedule a time for you to look at the boards and do some brief demos, but we have found having 2 hours to paddle on a variety of boards will help you make a better decision!
  2. Before or after you sign up for a session, send us an email at [email protected], to let us know you would like to demo boards. If you can provide us with some details in your email that will make your experience even better!
    1. Who will use the board? Ages, Weights, Activity Level
    2. What will you be using the board for? Relaxed paddling, whitewater, getting kids outside, racing, yoga, fishing, etc.
    3. Where will you use the board? Local lakes, traveling all over, rivers, ocean, etc.
    4. How will you be storing and transporting the board? Do you need to inflate/deflate each time, or do you have a safe spot out of the sun where it can be stored inflated? Are you able to transport an inflated board on the top of your car or do you need it deflated?
    5. Your Budget Sharing your target price range will help us in selecting your best choice for paddling and your pocketbook..
  3. Finding the board that is right for you! After your session, you will have a much better idea of the type of board that will work for you.  It might be one of the used/demo boards in our fleet that we could strap on your car that afternoon, or it could be a brand new board at a discount from one of our partners shipped direct to your home, or it could be advising you on a board you are looking at on Craig’s List or Amazon.

Surf Reston doesn’t make commissions on product sales, we pass all of our discounts to our customers! Our business is getting folks on the water to experience this fun and healthy activity!

Contact us at [email protected] with your questions or comments!