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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our SUP Session page for more info.

I am a rock-star on a paddleboard, so why do I have to take the intro session?

Our agreement with Reston Association (who owns the lakes) is that EVERYONE will go through the same overview on safety, equipment and technique before they paddle on their lakes with our equipment.  The good news is that we have refined our overview to a 10 minute dry land presentation – then you get to be on the water for close to two hours!  The better news is that once you have gone through the Intro session with us you can come back anytime and paddle for only $29 and you don’t need to listen to the talk!

Why do I have to reserve in advance? I just want to grab a board and paddle!

By reserving online you insure you will get a board and not be waiting in a line like other places.  Our online booking system is easy, so you don’t need to bring money or paperwork to your session! Our sessions are supervised by certified instructors, you will be on your own, but if you want some coaching, someone to take photos of you on the water, or need assistance we are there.  ​
We know our program is not for everyone so, here are a few places you can rent a board and paddle:
Penguin Paddling – Occuquan and Woodbridge
Boating in DC – Various Locations

How much does it cost to paddle with Surf Reston?

  • The cost for our introductory session which lasts 90 min – 2 hours is $45 per person.
  • Reston Association (RA) members receive a discounted rate of $40 per person.
  • Children under 12 paddling with an adult are $25, if they are not accompanied by an adult they will be charged the full rate.
  • Once you have completed this session we have a special return paddler rate of $27
  • ​SUP Yoga is $40 if you use our boards, $20 if you bring your own.

Compare this pricing to other providers in the region!

How old do kids have to be to paddle?

We have had paddlers on their own board as young as five years old. Here are a few things to consider before signing up your little one:

  • THEY MUST be comfortable falling in the water with a proper fitting life jacket on.
  • WE PREFER that you bring their own life jacket if you have one.
  • Small children can easily ride on our boards with mom and dad, however, we recommend that mom and dad come out paddling with us on their own first to get used to paddle boarding.

What if I am really nervous about standing up?

The best thing about paddleboarding is you can paddle the board seated, kneeling, standing, you can lay down, sideways, or even stand on your head!  We have plenty of folks that don’t ever stand up and they have a great time on the water!  However, if you really want to stand up and you are concerned about your balance we have a bunch of tricks up our sleeve to make it happen.

How much do paddleboards cost?

The paddleboards we use have a retail cost between $1000- $1300 per board and our paddles are in the $100-150 range.  There are definately lower cost manufacturers and we are happy to point you in the right direction.  One of the benefits of our program is that we give you the opportunity to get out and paddle and figure out what kind of board you like to ride before you are ready to make the commitment to buy your gear.  Best of all after your initial session its only $29 to paddle with us . . . you can have alot of fun with us for much less than the price of a board!

If I end up buying my own paddleboard, can I paddle on the Reston Lakes?

You must be a Reston Association member, click here for details.  Once you are a member, head over to the main office and you can get a free sticker for your boat (board). Putting your sticker on the paddle is usually a great place.  The lakes are monitored regularly so if you try to beat the system you will get caught!

Do I need to paddle with my kids?

If your children are under the age of 12 we want them to have a responsible adult on the water with them.  All of our younger paddlers must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

If I organize a group of friends or co-workers, can we book together and get a discount?

Sure! However, its best to call or text us at 703-283-8634 or email [email protected]